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St. Augustine

Primarily a residential grass, St. Augustine is hardy, medium to fast growing grass that spreads by long, above-ground runner (or stolons). Its fast-growing nature and shade tolerance have contributed to its wide-spread usage.


Color: Deep Green or Blue-Green

Texture: Coarse Dense Texture

Sun/Shade: One of the more shade tolerant turfgrasses but will decline in dense shade.

Drought Tolerance: Regular watering required for optimal appearance.

Mowing Height: 2- 4 Inches - Requires Mowing every 2 weeks


Tifway 419 Bermuda

419 TIF Bermuda is the most popular variety of Bermuda grass for sports fields, parks, golf courses and home lawns. Its texture and fast recovery make it ideal for high traffic areas.


Color: Dark Green

Texture: Dense turf with medium to fine texture.

Sun/Shade: Full Sun Tolerant.

Drought Tolerance: Drought Tolerant but requires water weekly to remain green.

Mowing Height: 1- 2 Inches - Requires Mowing every 2-3 weeks


Palisades Zoysia

Great lawn grass that many see as a midway point between Tifway 419 and St. Augustine

Its characteristics range between the two and Palisades makes a very good looking lawn.


Color: Green

Texture: Medium

Sun/Shade: Will tolerate full sun or partial shade.

Drought Tolerance: More drought tolerant then St. Augustine but less then Bermuda.

Mowing Height: 2 Inches - Requires mowing every 2-3 weeks



Buffalo 609

Only native turf grass

Popular to its low maintenance, extremely low water requirements, and natural look.

Most common for roadside use and low water situations


Color: Gray-Green

Texture: Fine almost feathery.

Sun/Shade: Needs full Sun.

Drought Tolerance: Very drought tolerant - Can survive without irrigation

Mowing Height: Little to no care needed


Plus many other types of grass.  

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